How Do Businesses Manage Violent Crime Risks?

Ken Shuttleworth of Shuttleworth PLLC presented a one hour webinar on Managing Violent Crime – From Prevention to Litigation. The webinar was attended by over 400 persons nationwide.

The risk of violent crime occurring on a company’s property is on the rise. Serious violent crime undermines an organization’s reputation, employee morale and leads to costly litigation. Savvy executives know that effectively managing violent crime requires a strategic approach – one that spans the spectrum from crime prevention to litigation.

The 60-minute webinar covered:
• The proper methodology to assess risk throughout a portfolio of properties
• How to articulate a risk assessment program and enhance crime prevention
• Post-incident response and consequence containment
• A legal overview of Premises Security Liability
• Preparing for litigation and understanding the discovery process
• Working with outside counsel to maximize a positive outcome
• A case study to remember: The pitfalls and triumphs of trial

You may view the webinar in its entirety at this link.