Alternative Dispute Resolution

For parties on both sides of a dispute, Litigation in today’s legal and social environment is costly, time-consuming and risky.  Alternative Dispute Resolution typically in the form of Arbitration or Mediation can be an extremely cost effective alternative to the expense and uncertainty of Litigation.

While the lawyers in the firm are adept at utilizing ADR opportunities where they exist to achieve favorable outcomes for clients, the firm also has members with the experience, skill and training to serve as a Mediator or Arbitrator in cases where the firm is not representing either of the parties to the dispute.

Members John Cannon, Michael Derrick, and Frank S. Cantrell are Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Civil Mediators who are available to serve as ADR Neutrals and assist parties in achieving win-win outcomes to otherwise costly and contentious litigation.  With their insight, experience, and training these members are uniquely qualified to serve as Mediators.