Shuttleworth and Webb Obtain Summary Judgment in Medical Malpractice Case

Shuttleworth PLLC attorneys, Ken Shuttleworth and Abby Webb recently argued on behalf of an ambulance service in a case involving allegations of medical malpractice which resulted in an anoxic brain injury.  The facts at issue were whether the ambulance service complied with the standard of care in managing a patient’s airway and in the timely transport of that patient to an acute care facility.

Ms. Webb successfully argued to the court that the expert proof in the case established that the ambulance service personnel had met the standard of care required in airway management and that no act or omission of the ambulance service caused or contributed to the plaintiff’s injuries.  After the trial of the case, a jury returned a verdict of 15 Million Dollars against the remaining defendants.

Obtaining dismissal of the ambulance service represents the strong commitment by the lawyers of Shuttleworth PLLC to defend health care professionals when they face litigation.