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Roane Waring, Jr.


Roane Waring, Jr., passed away on August 27, 2012 at the age of 95.  Shuttleworth PLLC attorney, and past Memphis Bar Association President, John Cannon wrote the following for the annual Memphis Bar Association Memorial Service held on May 1, 2013.

I really only knew Mr. Waring for the 10 years that he was of counsel at Shuttleworth PLLC, but felt like I had known him for a longer time than that. Mr. Waring was always a delight around the office, willing to give his advice and counsel to all and we valued his opinions. When I was asked to run for office of the Memphis Bar Association which would ultimately lead me to being President, I went immediately to Mr. Waring and asked his opinion. His answer was “You’d be crazy not to do it. You won’t get any business out of it, but you will appreciate it when you’re finished.” As always, Mr. Waring was correct. I didn’t get any business out of it, but I did appreciate very much my service as an officer.

Mr. Waring and my father were a few years apart, but both were veterans of World War II and members of what has been termed “the greatest generation”. Whenever I would see Mr. Waring at the office, he would always ask about my father since he knew that he was aging much the same. He was invaluable to me in trying to deal with those issues. As Roane said above, my father was similar in that he never spoke much of his service in the military. Roane III and I had discussions about our fathers and how to handle issues like telling them they could no longer drive their cars.

Everyone at our office will miss Mr. Waring.

—John R. Cannon, Jr.