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General Liability Attorneys

With laws ever-changing, having a team of experienced attorneys who can understand and manage general liability risks is essential for businesses and individuals. Shuttleworth PLLC has over 50 years of experience representing businesses and individuals’ general liability cases. Whether it’s an issue on your premises, a defective product claim, or any injuries, its approach to general liability cases is tailored specifically to secure your peace of mind and legal standing. Trust Shuttleworth PLLC as your steadfast advisors in the complex general liability law realm.

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Choosing Knowledgeable Representation

Whether it’s a fall at your business or a product-related injury claim, navigating complex legal challenges requires a strategic approach. Its team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to mitigating risks while safeguarding your reputation and resources. Trust us to deliver knowledgeable legal support designed for your unique needs in general liability cases. Its seasoned attorneys, bring a wealth of experience to address general liability claims. Trust in its team to fight for the best outcome for you. The last sentence is correct.

Understanding General Liability

The term general liability covers numerous legal concerns businesses and individuals face daily. The firm offers knowledgeable advice and strong defenses in general liability cases, ensuring your interests are protected. Take a look at what general liability cases typically cover, including:

Premises Liability

This occurs when injuries or damage occur on business or personal property.

Product Liability

An individual or group is harmed by using a defective or unsafe product.

Personal Injury

Claims involve slander, libel, and other non-physical injuries that can cause mental and emotional distress to an individual.

Advertising Injury

Damages happen because of false advertising or copyright infringement.

Bodily Injury

An individual suffers physical harm at your business or as a result of your business operations.

Property Damage

An individual’s or business’s actions cause damage to another’s property.

Harnessing Experience for Your Peace of Mind

It invites businesses and individuals to experience a partnership that places the utmost importance on safeguarding your legal interests. With over four decades of experience successfully practicing a wide range of general liability cases, Shuttleworth PLLC not only aims to protect your interests but also empower you, enabling a fearless pursuit of your personal and professional goals in the dynamic settings of Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville, TN. Seize the opportunity today to collaborate with experienced attorneys who are committed to creating a compelling case tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.