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Choosing Appellate Practice

The attorneys of Shuttleworth PLLC have successfully argued a wide range of issues in federal and state appellate courts throughout portions of the Mid-West and Eastern parts of the country.

Items of Justice, Scales of Justice, Gavel, Law Books

Shuttleworth’s Commitment

Its appellate team understands that each appeal can have wide-ranging effects beyond the individual case. The firm is committed to representing the client’s best interests from both case-specific and broader, policy-oriented perspectives.

An appeal has the potential to affect large numbers of people, professionals, and corporations.

Experience – Attention to Detail

What sets its appellate attorneys apart from a typical trial lawyer is that they understand the difference in audience, procedure, and techniques between a trial and an appeal. While a trial hinges on facts and presentation before a jury of laypersons, an appeal deals primarily with the law before a panel of professional judges.

The appellate attorneys at Shuttleworth PLLC can help navigate the appellate process alongside trial counsel both before and after a verdict.  The firm has the experience in appellate procedure, writing, and argument that your case deserves.