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Navigating Employment Law

Employment law can appear to be a complex maze for employers and employees. The attorneys at Shuttleworth PLLC make navigating the employment law maze straightforward and understandable. Its employment law team handles various issues, ensuring protection and justice for both corporate and individual clients.

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The Importance of Legal Counsel

Choosing a credible legal practice to navigate employment law proceedings is crucial. The right legal team not only brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the case but also offers a strategic approach specifically tailored to your case. With Shuttleworth, you’ll partner with an attorney committed to excellence in litigation and proceedings. Each case is handled with the utmost competence and care. Trust its team to advocate for you and deliver results that stand the test of time.

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Employment Law Right for Employers

For employers navigating employment law, understanding your rights and obligations is crucial for creating a compliant and productive workplace. Ensuring policies for handling terminations, accommodating disabilities, and defending claims is imperative to align your regulations with the law. Check your employer rights under the Tennessee employment law below:

  • The right to enforce company policies and codes of conduct per state and federal laws.
  • The right to terminate employment at will, except when it violates public policy or constitutes illegal discrimination.
  • You must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Defense against unfounded claims of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination.
  • Authority to manage, direct, and control business operations and workforce per state and federal regulations.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Understanding your rights and responsibilities, whether you’re an employer or an employee, enables you to make informed decisions. Shuttleworth PLLC educates clients on employment law, providing clarity and confidence to tackle any legal challenge. The firm’s rich history has focused on law and appellate work, giving us a unique advantage when handling your employment law needs. Reach out today for legal guidance rooted in nearly half a century of experience.

Employment Practices Liability

Often times, the potential for litigation by employees can be minimized well before a lawsuit is ever filed. Through proper training and preparation, employers can reduce potential exposure to costly litigation.

Shuttleworth PLLC can help you before litigation rears its head by reviewing policies and handbooks, training your people, and by helping you take a critical look at your processes and methods of interacting with your employees.

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Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is a reality, and when it does happen, you want to take the appropriate steps to defend your company. If you do find yourself having to deal with an administrative charge with a state or federal agency, or if you do wind up in litigation, the firm can help you defend against those claims.

The Shuttleworth PLLC team is experienced in defending employers in lawsuits as well as with administrative agencies such as the EEOC in matters relating to claims arising out of employment.

Get Back to Normal

Shuttleworth PLLC has experience in state and federal courts defending employers in issues ranging from harassment and discrimination to covenants not compete to wage and hour claims. If you find yourself stuck in any kind of investigation or litigation related to employment, let it help you out of the legal morass and get you back to doing what you do well — running your company.

Management & Employee Training

It’s a single word that can produce great results and help employers avoid or minimize a number of problems, including erosion of employee morale as well as litigation that can be costly in terms of time and money.

It’s easy. At Shuttleworth PLLC, not only wants to help defend you when you get into a lawsuit. It wants to work with you to help lower the chances of such lawsuits arising in the first place.

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The firm Can Help You in the Following Areas

Legal Updates/Practical Applications of Employment Law

It can provide updates to management on various areas of the law that impact employers, and when changes in the law occur, it can help guide you through the changes, and what they mean to you.

Real World Employment Law Issues

How do you conduct a job interview that is effective and legal? Is there a better way to do employee evaluations? What do you do when the EEOC contacts you with a charge of discrimination?
These are all areas where state and federal employment laws come into play, and areas where employers can run into real problems if they are not wary.

Sexual Harassment

Under the law, an employer might be responsible for any harassment conducted by management employees if they do not take reasonable steps to prevent such harassment. And, while some management level harassment can automatically expose a company to liability, there are cases where training can help your company defend against sexual harassment lawsuits. In any case, such training can help management employees properly react to reports of harassment and help prevent it from happening in the first place.
In addition to management employees, it also offer separate company-wide training to educate all your employees on how to avoid, prevent, and deal with sexual harassment

Positive Employment Relations

Sometimes the best way to avoid litigation is to simply treat your employees like people. It’s a seemingly simple concept, but it is one that can too easily get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of running a business.
Its employee relations seminars are tailored to your company to help your people. Its sessions are interactive, involve multimedia presentations, and hands on involvement by your management team. It can even do communications training utilizing improvisational skills that can make your session informative, fun, and beneficial. Training can be customized to last from two hours to two days, and can include as many or as few management employees as you have.
There are no limitations on how the program can be designed, or on how it can benefit your company and the morale of your employees and management team.

What Else?

Is there an issue facing your company that you need addressed? Shuttleworth PLLC can put together a program on any facet of employment law. It can also work with you to evaluate issues your business may be facing to help you fix them before they bloom into serious trouble.