Employment Practices Liability

Often times, the potential for litigation by employees can be minimized well before a lawsuit is ever filed. Through proper training and preparation, employers can reduce potential exposure to costly litigation.

At Shuttleworth PLLC we can help you before litigation rears its head by reviewing policies and handbooks, training your people, and by helping you take a critical look at your processes and methods of interacting with your employees.

Of course, employment litigation is a reality, and when it does happen, you want to take the appropriate steps to defend your company. If you do find yourself having to deal with an administrative charge with a state or federal agency, or if you do wind up in litigation, we can help you defend against those claims.
The Shuttleworth PLLC team is experienced in defending employers in lawsuits as well as with administrative agencies such as the EEOC in matters relating to claims arising out of employment.

We have experience in state and federal courts defending employers in issues ranging from harassment and discrimination to covenants not compete to wage and hour claims. If you find yourself stuck in any kind of investigation or litigation related to employment, let us help you out of the legal morass and get you back to doing what you do well — running your company.